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Independent type foundry located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ReType Commelinstraat 17 C 1093 TG Amsterdam The Netherlands

Ramiro Espinoza became interested in type design when he was a student at the 'Universidad Nacional del Litoral' in Santa Fe, Argentina. After graduation he taught Typography at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (under the direction of Silvia Gonzalez). In 2003 he moved to The Netherlands and studied at the KABK in The Hague. Since then he has been a contributor to 'Tipográfica' and 'Tiypo' design magazines and he has also designed several type families and researched vernacular Dutch lettering.

Leo Beukeboom was the in-house sign painter for 'Heineken' brewery for more than 30 years. In time he became an accomplished and skilful lettering artist. Heavily influenced by Dutch writing masters such as Cornelis Boissens and Jan van de Velde, he created a unique script style that became one of the distinctive characteristic of traditional 'brown cafes' in Amsterdam. Leo is now working in the adaptation of his script model to OpenType typography.

Ricardo Rousselot started working freelance at the age of 15, and soon devoted himself to the alphabet. He worked in Chicago with Frederic Goudy’s and Oswald Cooper’s pupils. "I've done everything, but nothing has ever kept me away from my first love, the written letter", I've tried to improve each day, inspired by the signs traced by the masters of the past. In his studio in Barcelona, specialized mainly in Packaging, Rousselot is currently working in various typographic and calligraphic projects. "I'm forever referring back to the Trajan's Column...” .



A pequena fundição digital RichyType existe desde 2004 ...und wird von Eric Schmitt betrieben. swww.richytype.de

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